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Emitresde® / Mário Belém© Coming soon.

Mário Belém (1977) trabalhou durante vários anos como ilustrador digital e designer gráfico, mas a vontade de voltar a sujar as mãos com tinta e focar-se no seu trabalho artístico provou ser mais forte. Hoje trabalha com igual mestria tanto os pequenos formatos que desenvolve no atelier como os murais em grande escala que lhe valeram um lugar de destaque na crescente cena da arte urbana portuguesa.

Nos últimos anos tem vindo a solidificar uma linguagem marcadamente própria – colorida e espirituosa –, onde justapõe com frequência a imagem e a palavra, compondo narrativas visuais de contornos mágicos que assentam num equilíbrio entre o familiar e o inusitado e que exploram vários temas inerentes à comunicação, cultura popular e a condição humana presente. Trabalhando maioritariamente o suporte de pintura sobre madeira em composições de natureza escultural, tem vindo a apresentar a sua obra quer no espaço público, quer em exposições individuais e colectivas. Segue a baixo algumas obras do acervo. Conto Interrompido

“Conto Interrompido”*, a solo exhibition of confusing, complicated, contradictory, ambiguous messages by Portuguese visual artist Mário Belém in Lisbon, Portugal at Underdogs Gallery.We’re all supposed to speak more or less the same language yet sometimes we understand bugger all nothing of what the other person is saying. In his first solo exhibition at Underdogs, Mário Belém presents an ensemble of works that invite the viewer to reflect – in an amusing way, free of any crap, pretentiousness – on one of the greatest paradoxes of the present reality: communication breakdowns in a world where information reigns supreme yet suffers from its own excess. Clearly playing with the confusion, the complications, the contradictions, and the ambiguity which we frequently come across in face of the visual and oral discourse – of both individuals and formal systems of communication – that surrounds us in our day-to-day, the artist showcases here an entirely new body of work composed of an array of visual narratives materialised in pieces of various dimensions that are halfway between painting and sculpture in wood, a medium which he has been favouring in his recent artistic practice.

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Murais e bons costumes

Series of murals created during 2016 and early 2017 entitled “Murals and other good habits”. The pieces are all created as an answer to the question “what if advertising was brutally honest?”, they use layouts and typography of old adds to address everyday issues.

From left to right: “Dream louder”, “Don’t forget to be HAPPY”, “Gone (not sure if I’m coming back)”, “Open your eyes (so many beautiful things around you)”, “Caught up in Christmas? Its not worth it… Call now 707 25 25 25” “Be careful with everything”, “Let yourself flow”.

These murals were created for several Festivals and Town Halls from the north to the south of Portugal.

Cala-te e ama-me

Two pieces created for the Soma show at Underdogs Gallery.

“SOMA – a current portrait of urban-inspired contemporary art in Portugal” YEAR-END GROUP SHOW – 28 November to 23 December 2014

±MaisMenos± / Add Fuel / AkaCorleone / Dwelle / Mar / Maria Imaginário / Mário Belém / Pantónio / Paulo Arraiano / Pedro Matos / Wasted Rita.

“Soma” presents at the Underdogs Gallery a unit composed from a widely diverse universe of authorial visual languages, celebrating the vitality and wealth of this very heterogeneity; adding people and bringing different talents together, expressing their individual voices in the same space, creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The pieces themselves were based upon one of our society’s biggest taboos: the notion that as you age your opinions and your dreams stop being as important and respected as when you were younger. As you age your dreams wither away… “Cala-te e ama-me” means “Shut up and love me”.

The man has 100x180cm, the woman has 70x180c. Acrylic on layered plywood.


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